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Posted on June - 13 - 2013

A wooden treasure box with a nice mosaic design on top and two stripes of mosaic all around the top and the bottom of the box. This one is small and simple, and you can also find big and heavy treasure boxes that have a richer crafted mosaic design. Check out this large jewelry chest [...]

Posted on June - 5 - 2013

This elegant mosaic box is coated with walnut wood of a very good quality, and its simple yet attractive mosaic design contains rosewood (red pieces) as well as inlaid genuine mother-of-pearl. At its center, it has an arabesque design that extends in a cross-like shape.

Posted on June - 2 - 2013

This is a very simple and classical mosaic box that is ideal to use as a pen case on your desk top or simply as an object of decoration at your home or office.

Posted on May - 19 - 2013

A very nice and finely worked mosaic box with a very beautiful design. A very elegant item to add to your room’s decoration.


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