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Oriental side table made of walnut wood and inlaid Mother-of-Pearl

A Syrian authentic and traditional side table made of walnut wood and decorated with a generous amount of inlaid mother-of-pearl. A design is also carved into the wood to form the shape of a flower on the table’s top, and connect the mother-of-pearl pieces that represent small leaves. This side table can be a very [...]

Small treasure box made of wood and mosaic design

A wooden treasure box with a nice mosaic design on top and two stripes of mosaic all around the top and the bottom of the box. This one is small and simple, and you can also find big and heavy treasure boxes that have a richer crafted mosaic design. Check out this large jewelry chest [...]

Wooden Mosaic Round Table with Arabesque design

Handcrafted in Damascus, this round coffee table with a beautiful mosaic arabesque design can make a very fine piece of furniture in your living room. The beautiful color contrasts are realized by using pine wood, olive wood and rose wood. The table has a few pieces of mother-of-pearl to complete the design.

Very Beautiful and Shiny Traditional Syrian Oriental Mirror

An amazing and shiny Syrian mirror made of walnut wood and decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl to give a magical and luxurious look. The wood is handcrafted and features a very beautiful top ornament. Also contains pieces of camel bone all around the mirror frame.

Syrian traditional wooden chair with inlaid mother-of-pearl

This handcrafted wooden chair is a traditional Damascene that is commonly in all wealthy old houses of Damascus. Primarily coated with the dark brown walnut wood, it has a very beautiful and sophisticated design made of inlaid pieces of mother-of-pearl that decorates all sides, legs and arms of this chair. It is recommended to acquire [...]

Elegant Wooden Mosaic Box with rosewood and inlaid Mother-of-Pearl

This elegant mosaic box is coated with walnut wood of a very good quality, and its simple yet attractive mosaic design contains rosewood (red pieces) as well as inlaid genuine mother-of-pearl. At its center, it has an arabesque design that extends in a cross-like shape.

Very beautiful wooden mosaic console table


An amazing and very beautiful console table decorated with a very fine mosaic design featuring rosewood. Handcrafted and made in Damascus on demand. It could be used as either a console in your salon or living room, or as a small dinning table. In that case, it is recommended you cover it with a glass [...]

Simple rectangular mosaic box

This is a very simple and classical mosaic box that is ideal to use as a pen case on your desk top or simply as an object of decoration at your home or office.

Drawer chest rich in inlaid mother-of-pearl with a white marble top

This is an amazing (and a very expensive) Syrian mosaic drawer chest decorated with a generous amount of mother-of-pearl in a very artistic way, and has as a top a piece of white marble.

Backgammon gaming table with bright and beautiful colors


This is one very beautiful backgammon gaming table that comes in one piece, whose mosaic design was worked very patiently and with great taste. Overall colors are bright with very beautiful contrasts and inlaid genuine mother-of-pearl.

Side table made of hard walnut wood with inlaid mother-of-pearl


This is one elegant side table made of walnut wood and artistically decorated with inlaid pieces of genuine mother-of-pearl for a rich and authentic look. Fits amazingly in an oriental or Victorian decor.

Beautiful and fine mosaic box


A very nice and finely worked mosaic box with a very beautiful design. A very elegant item to add to your room’s decoration.

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