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Category: Mosaic Furniture Posted on July - 28 - 2013

High quality complete backgammon table set for gamers

Backgammon gamers will immediately fall in love with this table. Completely handcrafted by the best artisans of the city of Damascus, and built with the highest quality of wood (among others, walnut and rosewood), this backgammon table is a piece of luxury that only a few would afford. This masterpiece is decorated with a great artistic taste using mosaic design along with elegantly shaped pieces of genuine mother-of-pearl, inlaid at different Detail of mosaic design of backgammon table's centerlocations throughout the table. These are the pointy, white and shiny elements you can notice at the corners of the table, as well as around the center of both halves.

Beside is a closeup of the center design for a better look. This table is unique and might not be reproduced.

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