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Our Amazing High Quality Syrian Backgammon Board with Mother-of-Pearl

We have new pictures of our Large Backgammon Board n.1. Check them out below!   This backgammon board is of high quality, handmade by the best artisans of Damascus. It has inlaid genuine mother-of-pearl and features various kinds of wood like walnut wood, pine wood and rosewood.   The beautiful design at the center of [...]

High quality luxurious backgammon table set

Backgammon gamers will immediately fall in love with this table. Completely handcrafted by the best artisans of the city of Damascus, and built with the highest quality of wood (among others, walnut and rosewood), this backgammon table is a piece of luxury that only a few would afford. This masterpiece is decorated with a great [...]

Closeup on a simple and beautiful mosaic design

A closeup on a simple yet beautiful mosaic design that features a flower-like shape at the center, and inlaid pieces of mother-of-pearl pointing outwards. You could somehow see and feel the glare and depth of the mother-of-pearl. Such designs are common on mosaic boxes and all kinds of Damascene traditional furniture (chairs, tables, sofas, desks [...]

Luxurious console chest with genuine mother-of-pearl

A traditional Damascene wooden console chest, handcrafted and rich of genuine mother-of-pearl that inlaid to make an amazing design that decorates the front of the chest. A marble top could be used for this console, or one can choose to keep the wooden top. Small pieces of mother-of-pearl decorate all sides and legs of this [...]

Beautiful Syrian walnut wood traditional chair with inlaid mother-of-pearl

Absolutely beautiful and elegant, this Syrian traditional chair is made of walnut wood. Artistic designs have been engraved by hand into the wood along with pieces of genuine mother-of-pearl. This one is a must-have in any traditional sitting room.

Octogonal wooden side table made of walnut wood and a beautiful mosaic design on top

The mosaic design on top makes this side table very unique. With a background filled with walnut wood (dark brown), the mosaic design presents an eight-pointed star at the center surrounded by symmetrical squared mosaic patterns featuring a variety of colors. Pieces of mother-of-pearl add a touch of charm to this design.

Spacious mosaic jewelry box with removable compartment and key

Mosaic Jewelry box covered in red velvet on the inside

This wooden jewelry box is covered with red velvet on the inside. It is spacious, and has a removable compartment as seen on the picture. The box can be locked with a small key to keep valuable objects safe. It is decorated by an elegant mosaic design that contains walnut wood and rosewood among others. [...]

Very elegant mosaic design on jewelry box top

Top cover of a mosaic jewelry box with a very beautiful and elegant diamond-shaped symmetrical design. The background is made of walnut wood, and you can find red rosewood at the four corners of the cover and at the four corners of each square at the center of the design.

Big luxurious Syrian wooden desk decorated with mosaic design patterns

A luxurious wooden desk (click picture to enlarge) with beautiful design patterns decorating all sides following a traditional Damascene style with mosaics made into symmetrically repeating squares. The desk has a bright color overall due to the wood’s natural color. The wood itself is carved and embossed in several locations.

Superb 3-seater Syrian wooden sofa made of Walnut Wood

This superb Syrian traditional sofa is made of plain Walnut Wood with pieces of Mother-of-Pearl inlaid in the way shown on the picture. Several different ornaments are worked throughout the different parts of this couch, either carved into the wood or decorated with mother-of-pearl. The top of the sofa back is particularly impressive and eye-catching.

Set of 3 wooden mosaic nesting tables with inlaid Mother-of-Pearl

This set of three mosaic tables that fit into one another makes an original item of decoration.  It can be easily assembled in this waterfall-like style or taken apart to use as three separate side tables around your house. The table tops have a matching handcrafted mosaic designs featuring a sunflower-like shape. The mosaic contains [...]

Carved traditional Coffee Table made of Walnut wood

An elegant traditional coffee table made in Damascus from high quality walnut wood. A very beautiful and artistic design is carved into the wood by hand on the table top and also on each side of the table. The table has an octagonal shape and can be used as a coffee table or a side [...]

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